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Add fluoride back into the water as per advice of medical/dental experts

The Australian Dental Association has said: "Water fluoridation has been one of the most widely studied and endorsed public health measures of all time". The CSIRO and various Australian health departments all recommend fluoride treatment of water supplies continue.
There are conspiracy theorists who disagree, but their assertions are based around misinformation and fear-mongering. Those people can easily opt out of fluoride via buying bottled water or a home filtration system.
Please do not condemn the population (in particular the poorer households who have least access to dental treatment) of Cairns to poorer dental health due to the conspiracy theories of the vocal few ignorant people - please listen instead to medical experts.

Letter to
Cairns city council
Please add fluoride back into the Cairns water supply as per advice of medical/dental experts worldwide.

The addition of fluoride to the drinking water has been universally praised by health organisations and science groups worldwide as an effective measure for reducing dental cavities/caries.

The unscientific concerns of a vocal few conspiracy theorists have been more than addressed by experts in the relevant fields and should not be taking a priority in policy decision making. Organisations such as the Australian Dental Association, CSIRO and state public health departments should be consulted on matters of health and science and these organisations have supported the fluoridation programmes.

Please heed the advice of experts over non-experts in this matter and restore fluoride to the water supply of Cairns.

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