Cafe at West Ham Park

Cafe at West Ham Park

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Started by Shaun Wilson

Café for West Ham Park petition
This is a call for support for the City of London to install a proper, permanent café in West Ham Park.
West Ham Park attracts over 1 million visitors a year, and the new playground development will be a big attraction for locals and visitors a like.  The original plans for the new playground included a new kiosk, which is now not happening as the additional funding could not be secured.
The current offerings at West Ham Park are inconsistent and not in line with healthy lifestyle choices. Potentially, there is a feeling that the demand is not there from the public, but this could be due to the current offerings available.
The idea would be to have a permanent café (potential sites could be the current park office which incidentally was a café in the 1980s would serve healthy hot and cold food and drink during park opening hours.  i.e. Coffee, breakfast and pastries in the morning, to hot food and sandwiches, with a summer dinner offering in the longer nights.
Patch café have expressed interest in setting up operations in West Ham Park, however more pressure is needed on the City of London who manages the park to offer its visitors and locals more.
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777 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!