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Stop targeting Pehredaar Piya Ki based on misleading articles and images by media

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Pehredaar Piya Ki , a new daily series by shashi sumeet productions airing on Sony TV is the talk of the town. People who haven't even watched the show or a single scene is coming against it and signing petition to get it banned. In this scenario a few point are to be made clear and actions are to be taken against media and channels which publishes absurd articles and half baked news which is Creating big controversies
First of all it is essential to know what the show is about and what was the cringe worthy scenes media are talking about. Pehredaar Piya Ki is based on Rajasthani royal family. Ratan Singh is the solo heir of entire property and he is being targeted by enemies in his own family. His parents believe it's his kaaki maasa who is behind their property and they wants to keep him away from her. Ratan is highly influenced by his kaaki maasa and the fairly tales told by her to him about the fairies and Prince saving the fairy and then later marrying thus a happy ending for Prince and his fairy. They leaves to their friend Sajjan Singh’s palace for celebrating Holi and there Ratan meets his fairy Diya. Ratan on his first glimpse of Diya finds his fairy in her. he followed her path to see where she goes and clicks her pic with a Polaroid camera. This is the very first scene which offended people because they showed a 9 year old kid "stalking" a 18 year old girl and there said 18 year old girl showed off her naval. Is it impossible to have a crush on elder ladies! Most guys admits that their first crush was their school teachers when they were 8-10 year olds. And Ratan being influenced by fairy tales wants it to like the happy ending stories and follows it. Can it be called stalking? It's so unfair to judge it like that. A wrongly captured shot and it's caps have been circulated by media and other activists saying that the show is pedophilic while the show is about a pure platonic bonding between Diya and Ratan.
Another issue was Ratan asking Diya to marry him. Most young kids have fantasy of marrying elder people they adores, they doesn't know the meaning of Marriage but knows that after marriage they can be together and Ratan too wants his fairy to be with him. Like any Normal girl Diya laughed it off and played along with it.
On an attempt to kill Ratan, his parents gets killed and Ratan is left alone with his relatives who cannot be trusted.
Maan Singh on his death bed asks his best friend Sajjan Singh to get his daughter Diya Married to Ratan to protect him. Sajjan Singh asks that without marriage Also Diya can protect Ratan then why Marriage?a question raised by everyone. Maan Singh believes that the title of Wife give her more right on ratan and his family can't deny it. Also it’s clear that Maan Singh was being little selfish over asking Diya to marry Ratan but may be a father can be unreasonable for his son also even his grandfather was married to a elder woman so he didn’t find it too strange. Diya being indebted to maan sing for saving her life when she was a kid, agrees to the marriage because she feels it right then.she takes that decision herself , no one forced her or blackmailed her to do it. She see the way Ratan sitting alone in a corner crying to himself and she couldn't leave him alone to be fed by vultures. She sacrificed her dreams to protect Ratan and to fulfill her promise to Maan Singh . Pehredaar Piya Ki is about how Diya a 18 year old innocent cute girl evolve into a strong woman and protect Ratan from evil.
And the recent backlash is based on few caps and Gifs published by media saying Diya and Ratan going for honeymoon after their suhaagrat. Never seen such disgusting articles ever and it smells conspiracy against the show. The so called suhaagrat was arranged by Ratan family to taunt Diya for marrying Ratan and Diya said what we feel everyone should understand "Mazak agar hadd tak rahe na to hi Mazak kehlatahe, Haa kiye hai humane 9 saal ke Ratansa se shaadi lekin kyu kiye hai aur kis halaat me kiye hai woh app sab jante hai, isliye plz apni unchi soch ki gandi cheete humare" Pavitra Ristey" par mat pheylaiye" . And what happened in this suhaagrat. Ratan doesn't even what does it mean, he just thought his sister's put some flowers to surprise him and Diya and Ratan had a cute pillow fight and then sleeps. Is this crinrge worthy? Is it anything sexual? And people were finding absurd that Diya and Ratan are Sleeping on same bed whereas in other shows grown-ups sleeps in separate bed. never seen such a lame excuses to bash a good show. Elders sleeps separately because they have sexual tension between them while Diya and Ratan are two innocent kids who doesn't find anything wrong in Sleeping on same bed . Both doesn't have anything sexual in their mind to find it creepy like the bashers think. Creepy is the attitude of people who finds Diya Ratan relationship sexual because their mind is on gutter.
A term suhaagrat and honeymoon used doesn't mean they are showing it in the real sense. Media is targeting Pehredaar Piya Ki from the very beginning of the show and despite of all this , show is getting positive response from general viewers who have watched the full episodes and understands what's it about. Families are finding it cute because thier opinion is not influenced by social media or other absurd articles.
Much crude subjects have been handled by TV in past too but never had to face so much backslash. Child marriage happened in the show but they are not promoting it. This kind of Marriage custom exists even now and it's based on that this show is made. Just based on few caps and articles people are bashing the show and makers like anything. Few are saying what will their kids learn from the show? What we don't understand is why do you let your kids learn from TV? Why can't you teach your own kids what's right and wrong? They find it a matter of status when their kids watch much absurd English shows and stays , but only Pehredaar Piya Ki influence their kids. We don’t think any well brought up kid will watch this show and going to marry a elder girl. No kids should be left to learn values from TV ,but their parents should take that responsibly.
Pehredaar Piya Ki is a huge project, lot of money have been invested by the makers. It's livelihood of many people and judgemental people who haven't even watched the show is asking to ban it? Why? Why not ask to change the concept? Its so disheartening to see how people are hell bent to bring show someone’s hardwork without looking into facts. Its not an actor or actress who have put in hardwork but thoushands behind the camera who work day n night.
You tube and positive reviews from sensible media are solid proof of how much general people love the show. Diya's journey from a innocent bubbly girl to a strong self developed woman. This is life story of ratan and Diya not love story. The show is being targeted by people who doesn't even know anything about it and we audience feel that show deserves a fair chance.

Sign this petition if you agree that no hardwork by any individual should be discarded based on few misleading images and articles.

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