I am writing to complaint against a TV show promoting illegal second marriage.

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"Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai" is showing an illegal second marriage which is a very bad message to the society.

This show has been watched by every age people, Kids, Youth, Old, Male Female everyone. 

Lead Pair of the show who were married twice are now separated, around 3 months ago show has taken 5-year leap where lead was separated and Male lead thinks that his wife is dead but her dead body was never found, later it was shown that she is alive and living with her son. 

Now when makers are showing male lead is going to marry to someone else and the day of marriage he comes to know that his wife is alive and has a 4 year old son, Team has been fooling the audience by showing marriage has not happened for last 5 episodes and now all of sudden its been shown that male lead is indeed forcefully married to the other woman and makers have made him calling his legal wife as Ex -wife and the whole family is supporting this illegal second marriage, while the fact is the couple was never divorced at first place, As per Indian Law and Hindu Marriage Act 1955 the couple is till very much married so this second illegal marriage should be null and void. 

Team is going to show A man will be living with his legal and illegal wife in the same house while a 4-year-old will witness a second women in his father’s life other than his mother and makers are calling it a message to the society which is way beyond disgusting. 

As per Indian Law no one can be declare dead for 7 years if dead body was not found and Hindu Marriage Act 1955 when first wife is alive on the day of second marriage of spouse second marriage is null and void.  

This is a big insult to Indian Law, Hindu Marriage ACT 1955 and also our believe in marriage. 

They are making mockery of Hindu Marriage Act and Also Indian Law Order by showing this illegal Marriage, 

This illegal marriage is going to pollute the society and upcoming generation as you may have an idea how much impact these shows leave on our mind. Never have seen such a pathetic and disgusting thing on TV ever which we are witnessing now.