Sutter Health Plus Blackballing and Blocking Access to Cancer Care

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I am not a model patient.  I am the first to admit this.  That being said, under NO circumstances is it acceptable for a provider and/or the insurance company to deny care to a patient; esp. where a life-threatening condition is present.

I have Stage 3 colon cancer.  I have been dismissed from Sutter Health's oncology/hematology department.  The "dismal" fails to note the multiple requests for a new oncologist!!!

I literally cannot see any doctor who can treat my cancer. I have to wait until the insurance company finds a non-network doctor.  Meanwhile, I don't know if my cancer has grown, if it's gone or if breast cancer has emerged (as I have an 80% chance of getting that too).  

I have asked multiple times for a dedicated patient representative.  I am only allowed to speak to Carla in Appeals and Grievances in Sacramento.  She is not a patient advocate.  Instead, she regurgitates the insurance policies.  In fact, she told me, "we will not expose you to anyone else".  "Feel free to pay for visits out of pocket."  "No one wants to treat you."

Perhaps if doctors (and their staff) weren't so used to the detrimental effects of cancer, they would have some empathy.  My entire nuclear family has had cancer (stomach, non-Hodgkins' lymphoma, colon and breast cancer).  

I have issues with collapsing veins.  Imaging centers can insert an IV, but cannot inject lidocaine to numb the arm.  After all, the patient feels the pain of those needles, two, three and four times, if the area isn't numb.

Cancer patients need help; not discipline.  We're are trying to stay alive.  Perhaps we don't express ourselves as the medical profession would care for, but we are people, we have lives and families and it's disgusting this treatment exists and continually goes unchecked.  

Sutter Health Plus is collecting premiums and is refusing to provide oncology care.  They do not communicate with patients and make decisions based on chart notes; one-sided much?

Patients need a voice and I'm tired of being quiet.  Please sign my petition and make my voice heard.  Tell the State of CA, Sutter Health Plus and any other insurance carrier and provider who accepts this behavior that we have had enough!!!