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Trains of New Orleans

Help establish “Entitlement Free Zones” for people in the Bywater, Marigny and St Roch

Have you ever spent 150 years lugging building materials to an ungrateful populace that once they use your muscle to build their homes, turn on you like you’re a syphilitic old man ogling their daughter? Do they make you feel unwanted after they’ve moved into your neighborhood?

By law we trains are required to blow our horn 4 times to keep those people around us safe, but the Entitled People problem is becoming a real problem in the Marigny, Bywater and St Roch. But there is a smart community solution that everybody who moves or uses stuff should support. It is called Real Life. Real life will be inserted into the entire neighborhood and when it is donme, people will realize they are part of a community. When that is done we will be able to have the city council spend our money where it is needed most, not just for the benefit of a few in a neighborhood where real estate has tripled in price. From Columbia,SC to Buffalo NY and even our ultimate dreamdate Jefferson Parish) the opposite is happening, selfishness is virtue, but we can try to not emulate that. Together we can explain that the train is part of how the neighborhood grew in this Port neighborhood they now call home. And in New Orleans it all begins with you.You voice, My Horn. Together, we can increase, like being normal, and stuff. And we can boost the quality of life in our great neighborhoods.

Please sign this petition for an Entitlement Free Zone so officials can hear.

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