Alison Whiting needs to step down from her position as BYUH-SA Director

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Alison Whiting exercised  her power unfairly and poorly! Threatening people like me(students)  that she can stop us from watching Cultural Night. 

She turned out the lights while the dancers were on stage. During the Samoa performance, she ordered the Production Crew members to shut off the Spotlite while the Taupou was still performing. If her main concern was safety for  the dancers then why turn the lights off during the show. Turning the lights off is a liability itself because people could’ve potentially got hurt. This Lady needs to leave the Polynesian Cultures alone and Step down. 

In Polynesian culture, family is the main essence of who we are and how we are defined. The way we teach younger generation is by teaching them to dance and speak the language. If we are not allowed to show that in our culture then why call it a cultural performance at all when we are being controlled with what we can and cannot do with our cultures. 

Who would in her right mind Turn the lights off As people are performing on stage? This was a potential liability because someone could’ve got hurt due to the light being off. It’s funny too how she had her ushers going around asking if they all were wearing underwear. 

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