Evict Michael J. Blackstone & Air Combat USA from 3815 W. Commonwealth Ave. Fullerton, CA

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Air Combat USA is part of the Fullerton Airport history.  Michael Eugene Blackstone was an extraordinary man who was loved by all and he made thousands of dreams come true for "want to be Fighter Pilots for a day". But lets be clear, Michael J Blackstone is not his father. He is nothing like his father. He is destroying the legacy his father and the Air Combat family built. Do not sign the petition to keep Air Combat at the Fullerton Airport. Instead sign this petition to have him - Michael J Blackstone/Air Combat USA/SkyThrills/Blackstone Airways evicted from the 3815 Commonwealth Ave hangar. 

The lease was up in October 2016.  Michael J Blackstone did not sign a new lease to renew this location. After 3 months, the city moved forward with requesting proposals for interested companies that would represent the Fullerton Airport's vision of bringing the community together.  Michael submitted a proposal like everyone else who was interested and unfortunately for Michael, his proposal was not chosen and now he is throwing a temper tantrum, suing the city, and begging for signatures to keep Air Combat at the Fullerton Airport.  Do your homework before choosing a side. Make sure you get your facts.  He is not being evicted from the Fullerton Airport (although he should be), he is being evicted from his current location because an agreement for a new lease was made with a new company.

Air Combat USA is NOT the same company that it was after the owner passed away and the son took over the business. His dad did not ask him to fire all of the employees and family members that he hand picked to operate the company for the past 28 years. In fact, his father had signed a letter weeks before he passed away requested that Larry Blackstone remain President and the existing staff continue to work for Air Combat USA.  

Almost a year after his fathers death, Michael J Blackstone gained control of Air Combat after going before a judge and lying about the safety of the airplanes at Air Combat. Michael J Blackstone cut the lock off of a twin engine (non Air Combat airplane) that was in maintenance because his father had not flown it in over a year and stole it because he did not want anyone else to fly the airplane. He then went to a judge and claimed he almost died and had to make an emergency landing. All of which was false. He later admitted that his attorney misspoke. But it was too late, the judge had already turned the company over to the trustee, Michael J Blackstone, since no one was at the court to tell what really happened. 

Michael had made several threats prior to the hostile take over in June 2016, that all the “dinosaurs” needed to go and that everyone needed to cut their pay in half (This was already after salaries were reduced at the request of his sister 6 months prior). Him and his sister even requested that everyone work for free at the company and collect unemployment for payment. (This is illegal).  He also made statements several times that he could run the company better than his father did and he wanted to make changes. He came in after the court order, fired his uncle who had been running the company for 28 years and changed the locks on the doors and made threats to all the remaining employees telling them that he is a Captain of American Airlines and he deserves respect. Respect is earned!!!  He told the remaining office staff that he would let them know what their work schedules were going to be, but never did.  Instead he made accusations and demands that no employee would be able to work under.  Two weeks later, he told everyone to come sign for their final check.  He fired his uncle, his brother, his cousin, his aunt, his fathers long time girlfriend, mechanics and chief pilot.  When asking what the reason for the termination is, he would not give one.  It was only when the employees tried to collect unemployment that he came up with the reason of theft.  He tried to find a reason that would keep them from collecting, but the unemployment judge saw through him and granted everyone their unemployment. 

Then there are the investors. All family members who have invested their hard earned money into the company to help it run. There is a balance of approx. $300,000 that is unpaid.  Prior to his takeover, he made comments that these investors have been paid enough in interest and therefore do not need to be paid any more money. That is not how business works. His father would be disgusted to know that his son is not paying his own grandmother her monthly payment for her $200,000 balance that is owed to her.  She had taken a loan against her house to help her son out and now her own grandson is refusing to pay her and now she is unable to make her house payment without this income. Michael J Blackstone even called the cops on his 88 year old grandmother when she came to Air Combat to collect some of her things. 

Now how about the customers. All the people who loved Air Combat USA and had to pay in advance to book their flights at $1000-$2000 per flight for their Fighter Pilot for a Day experience.  These customers were left high and dry by Michael J Blackstone. Some customers showed up for their flights only to find that no-one was there to fly their flight. And then some were lucky enough to get a courtesy call to say their flight was cancelled but no refunds will be given.  Customers were told they could fly, but would have to come to California. Some demanded refunds, and were told “give us time and then we will refund you”. Many are still waiting for their refunds. Check out the reviews on Yelp! and TripAdvisor to see for yourself under Air Combat USA. They had fabulous reviews until the last year after Michael J Blackstone took over control.  He brought all operations back to Fullerton because he said it was “not cost effective to fly out on the road” (yet that was where all the money was made) and expects the customers who already paid to fly out of state to now spend more money to make a trip to California to fly. This is not what they signed up for.  Michael is now claiming that the operations on the road were halted because all the pilots quit.  Funny how the story changes to blame others when this is what he wanted long before he took over and what he continued to tell the customers this after he cancelled their flights.

Highlights over the past year since Michael J Blackstone has taken over Air Combat as Trustee:

  •  Requested staff to work without pay and claim unemployment at same time for income. This is illegal.
  • Being sued by all investors for not paying back their loans to Air Combat that amounts to approx. $300,000.
  • Lied to unemployment office regarding employee theft to stop unemployment. Judge saw through his lies and granted unemployment.
  • Refusing to pay the company credit card debt of $80,000 from company expenses for operating on the road. Being sued for not paying the credit card and damaging prior employee credit.
  •  Falsified state documents for ACUSA Maintenance to claim he was the sole owner to gain access to the ACUSA Maintenance bank account. Being sued for theft of money and falsifying documents.
  •  Has taken thousands of dollars from customers by not flying their flights they purchased or providing a refund as requested since their agreed “contract” was breached by no longer flying in the location they purchased their flight for. Threats of class action lawsuit have been made.
  •  An Air Combat plane crashed during a training flight with his new pilot two months after former staff were no longer working there and Michael J Blackstone tried to accuse the former employees of sabotage. Investigation proved these allegations are false.
  •  Filed a false insurance claim based on theft to get access to money which he was denied. Accusations of theft have been proven to be false.
  •  Removed a modular home that was being stored at property (He would not allow owner to take it) and registered it in his name and sold it. This did not belong to him and he did not purchase it from the legal owner. Owner suing for payment.

Keep in mind, this is NOT the original Air Combat USA. Please support the City of Fullerton and the Fullerton Airport in evicting Michael J Blackstone and Air Combat/SkyThrills/Blackstone Airways from his current hangar at 3815 W. Commonwealth Ave and allow Hangar 21 to expand their business per their winning proposal.  It is the right thing to do! 

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