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BuzzFeed's Petition To Mr. Hollywood: Green-light The Party Down Movie

Exactly 1 year ago today the beloved and immaculate Party Down was taken away from us and cancelled from our lives. But instead of shedding tears of remembrance on this day, let's celebrate the good times and “anti-commemorate” a day we should never forget. June 30th shall forever be known as “Party Down Day.” Help us celebrate the new greatest day of the year and sign this petition to help the Party Down movie get made.

Here is the letter we will send to Mr. Hollywood, Mr. Money Bags, and President Barack Obama if we get 1 million signatures...

Greetings Mr. Hollywood, Mr. Money Bags, and President Barack Obama,

One year ago today, Mr. Hollywood took Old Party Down behind the shack and shot it in the face. Mr. Hollywood dug a deep grave for Party Down right behind the "Hollywood sign" and assumed it to be dead and gone forever. But as Matt Damon and Ben Affleck learned in that one movie from the 90s with Silent Kevin Smith (Good Will Hunting?) it isn't easy to murder a god.

Today is exactly one year from the day we will never forget and to be perfectly honest Party Down has never seemed stronger. I recently had the opportunity to visit Party Down in the hospital where it has remained since the incident and saw many signs of healthy progress. What was once an alive but severely ignored entity has now become a much beloved deity. Party Down has never been stronger.

All we (meaning BuzzFeed and the collective internets) would like is for you to award the Party Down film half of the Green Lantern budget so that a Party Down movie can take place in a heavily CGI'd space-world. If such a large budget is not possible, please consider even a fraction of the mind-blowingly wasteful amount that was flushed down the drain and called "Green Lantern." But we digress!

To put it simply:

Party Down Movie. Make it happen now. Thank you.


Gossip Girl (Spoiler alert: BuzzFeed was "Gossip Girl" all along)

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