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Ban "Cruelty Free Gains" from commenting on Tasty's YouTube Channel

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We the people of Tasty are constantly harassed by the user "Cruelty Free Gains" and his many duplicate accounts.

Under YouTube's community guidelines, any user who "deliberately posts content in order to humiliate someone", "making hurtful and negative comments/videos about another person", and "incitement to harass other users or creators" is defined as harassment.

"Cruelty Free Gains" does not provide constructive criticism nor does he express his beliefs in a way that is helpful to the Tasty community, and deliberately comments on videos to harass and bully users.

This petition, should it succeed, will send a request to Buzzfeed to permanently ban "Cruelty Free Gains" and his duplicate accounts from commenting on the Tasty YouTube channel.

Please note that I wholeheartedly support the vegan community. "Cruelty Free Gains" is just a outlier, he harasses everyone, and we the people of Tasty are done with him.

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