Save the plants in the conservatory in Buxton pavilion gardens.

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Buxton Pavilion Gardens, is in the centre of our town, and has recently been taken over by park wood leisure.

The conservatory is full of beautiful flowers and fish that have been there for years. In the past year these plants have been cut down and left to die.  Fish have been removed from the pond and plants just removed. This was said by the company this would not happen and it is slowly happening under our nose. When confronted nothing is being done and facebook comments being removed.

Please help us by saving this beautiful part of Buxton which has been part of the town and people's lives for so long. Save these plants and save the gardens. 

These aren't just flowers or plants but they are part of a community and bigger problem of parts of our community being left to die and left to be forgotten.

Please sign this petition to make parkwood leisure take notice that we as a community do not stand for this and want to save our conservatory and the plants inside it. 

Thank you for reading this.