Ban the needle exchange program from Butte county

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Butte county has a program distributing free syringes. Since this program has started we've seen a rise of people finding syringes all over town and on or near school grounds  including the area of  bidwell jr high in chico according to one person's recent Facebook post

Our community is a lot less safer as we see more homeless flocking towards our county with such low expectations of living by the laws. A safe haven if you will. I myself no longer want to take my children to the park without doing a full scan before hand. If a syringe is found I dont want to touch it because of chances being infected.

Chico used to be a place that was nice to live, now we cant walk downtown without seeing homeless camps, people shooting up or using on the sidewalks and our childrens parks taken over or filled with garbage left behind.

Why do our children have to suffer other people's choices? It's time we take back our community.  I've never made a petition and dont know if it will help, but I have to try something. Sign the petition and see if we can make a difference together and have our voices heard.