Keep Our Village Pub Local

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After nearly nine years of running our local village pub and putting it back into the heart of our community, breathing life into its offering and bringing so many wonderful community events to our village, the Butcombe Brewery have slammed an aggressive 100% rent increase and unachievable purchase demands onto it. If the pub does not agree to these demands they have been informed the brewery shall not renew the tenancy agreement and take over. This will mean all our inter community events shall cease and we shall loose our unique and individual special pub, that we have supported every step of the way. We also don't wish see it become a branded managed pub. We the people of Compton Martin, Ubley, Blagdon and surrounding villages in the Chew Valley ask that Butcombe reconsider this decision.

Please recognise that the people that have supported the pub through thick and thin over the last nine years, want our village pub to prosper and grow as it has been doing with our current tenants/team. Without local support the Ring O'Bells will not function. Please hear our petition and act. Now more than ever support local communities and in turn they shall support you.