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Stop selling all shark items and services that are aimed at harming sharks

The processes involved obtaining the fins of sharks is the catching of hundreds of sharks on long lines of baited hooks, then the sharks are hauled onto the ship with hooks and spears before all of their fins are cut off and the still living shark is shoved back into the ocean to drown/bleed to death. If this wasnt bad enough, the whole opperation is indiscriminate and therefore sharks who are endangered or close to becomeing endangered are caught and killed. Sharks are an important part of the ocean ecosystem, keeping the larger fish in check so the smaller fish can flourish, who in turn eat the alge that would otherwise smother the coral-reefs. The great whites are also responsable at keeping the seal population from explodeing out of control. We cannont stand by and allow our own country to be resposible for the extinction of these apex creatures that have survived long past diniosaurs just because we either fear them or wish to have a small bowl of soup.

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  • businesses offering shark fin soup and other shark items in the US.

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