Bury MBC: Keep Diving In Bury

I have been a Volunteer with Bury Dragons Diving Club now just under 4 years.. and I love it. I started off on the balcony watching my daughter dive, then I started doing a few administrative roles in the club,... then before you know it im on poolside after getting my coaching qualification, And I still love it.........The Divers in Our Club work really hard, the Coaches in Our Club work really hard. We don't have all the fancy technology that the Bigger clubs have, but we make do with the things we have, and its working. The Club is Full, The Lessons are Full, The Waiting List is Full. This is the Olympic Legacy in Action..
In 2016 i still want to be coaching divers, and in 2016 I still want to be coaching divers in Bury.

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