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Make Jammie Dodgers vegan-friendly and milk free again

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Veganism is becoming ever more popular yet lots of previously loved 'accidentally vegan' items are under attack. 

The newest one to become no longer vegan is beloved British biscuits, Jammie Dodgers. Found cheaply in all newsagents, food shops etc. across the UK, the new addition of milk protein to these biscuits is bad news for vegans, those with lactose intolerance and dairy reducers everywhere, particularly those who live in rural areas and are unable to look further afield for their biscuit fix.

Parents are particularly unhappy about the change, as many do not want to have to explain to their lactose intolerant children that they cannot eat this common party treat any longer.

It's also bad for business, as vegans, dairy reducers and those with intolerance - potentially 15% of the population - will now have to stop buying Jammie Dodgers unless the old recipe is reverted to.

Don't forget the addition of milk is bad news for cows, whose milk (and calves) are taken from them forcibly and often under terrible conditions.

Sign the petition and tweet @BBCoVIP (Burton's Biscuit Company) with hashtag #SaveJammieDodgers to ask them to not go through with the regressive move to make Jammie Dodgers not vegan-friendly.

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