Shut down this destructive app that causes cyber-bullying and self-hatred toward teenagers.

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To this day, more than half of the teenagers using social media are constantly being cyber bullied by their peers. Recently, there was an app created called 'Burn Book'. It is an app where students and strangers are allowed to anonymously post pictures and write negative messages about other people in their school and/or community. The 'Burn Book' app may be "fun and harmless" for some, but it mostly creates more cyber-bullying and even more psychological, emotional, and physical stress.

The effects of cyber-bullying are detrimental as it creates anxiety, loneliness, and mental health issues. Teens who are cyber-bullied are known to have low self-esteem and feelings of worthlessness. The effects of cyber-bullying can also be fatal and lead to suicide.

This app brings out the worst in people and is intentionally made to make people's self esteem plummet. Students are turning against each other and are purposefully making others feel like they have little self-value. The 'Burn Book' app also exposes cyber-bullying to other teens, which influences them to cyber-bully others as well.

I started this petition because it heavily affects the peers at my school. Within the last month, the app is the only thing my peers talk and care about. Students shouldn't have to be concerned with reading nasty comments about themselves. However, with this 'Burn Book' app, it is so easy for them to become consumed by the degrading and hateful words they read.

If this app gets deleted, it will be one less social media that students won't have to worry about. It won't eradicate cyber-bullying completely, but it will be a step closer towards a cyber-bully-free environment. 

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