Burke County, NC Animal Control should be changed to a No-Kill Shelter

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The No Kill movement works for all healthy and treatable shelter dogs and cats to be guaranteed loving homes. The goal of this petition is to demonstrate that the residents of Burke County, NC want to help bring about a positive change for the animals in the possession of the Burke County, NC Animal Shelter. 

There are positive changes that can be made to increase lifesaving at the Burke County Animal Shelter in order to save all of the animals in its possession. 

It is therefore the request of the residents of Burke County, NC by the signatures contained in this petition that:

1)  The Burke County Animal Shelter save the life of all healthy and adoptable animals by eliminating euthanasia completely for these animals.

2)  The Burke County Animal Shelter and all agencies affiliated with this shelter work, in collaboration with individuals and organizations to develop a comprehensive plan to reach this goal.

Our community can do better to save the lives of innocent dogs and cats.  Our goal should be a humane community for all pets and pursuing no-kill would directly improve overall qualify of life and support our shared values.

We, the undersigned, respectfully request that the residents of Burke County, NC be given the opportunity to work with our county officials to develop a strategic, comprehensive plan for achieving no-kill.

The unwanted, forgotten, abandoned animals in Burke County, NC deserve to be given every opportunity to find a loving home.  Every animal deserves a chance, without a time limit on life.