Burger King: Stop Locking Animals in Cages!

¡Esta petición logró su objetivo con el apoyo de 54,221 personas!

Did you know that Burger King serves food from animals that are forced to spend their entire lives locked in cages, so small they can barely move?

In Latin America and the Caribbean, egg-laying hens are often confined in wire battery cages, where they can’t even walk or fully stretch their wings. And mother pigs spend their whole lives in individual gestation crates, barely larger than their bodies, where they cannot even turn around or give more than a step forward or backward. Can you image being forced to live in cage where you cannot even walk, stretch your arms or legs and without freedom to do the things you like? That is exactly how these animals are forced to live.

Burger King has already said no to these cages in the United States, but not in Latin America and the Caribbean. Burger King must be coherent and treat animals better everywhere. Join us in asking Burger King to say stop locking animals in cages in Latin America and the Caribbean, too.

Animals don’t have a voice, but we do. We can make a huge difference for millions of animals by signing this pledge and also sharing it with your friends through email, Facebook, and Twitter.

Thank you!

Animal League for Latin America and the Caribbean. A coalition of:

Asociación Para La Defensa de Los Derechos del Animal – ADDA (Argentina)

Fórum Nacional de Proteção e Defesa Animal (Brazil)

Unión Amigos de los Animales (Chile)

Proyecto ALA – Animales Latino América (Colombia)

Protección Animal Ecuador (Ecuador)

Arani (El Salvador)

Paz Animal Guatemala (Guatemala)

Sociedad Animalista de Honduras (Honduras)

Koncientizando (Mexico).

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Liga Animal Latina y Caribeña necesita tu ayuda con esta petición «Burger King: Stop Locking Animals in Cages!». Súmate a Liga Animal Latina y Caribeña y a las 54,220 personas que han firmado hoy.