Bring Back Crown Shaped Nuggets at Burger King

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Everyone can admit that Burger King has been going nowhere but downhill these past few years. They are obviously trying hard to recuperate themselves by adding stuff to the menu like pancakes, chicken fries, and at one point even a black coloured burger. All these new items combined with an alarmingly low price. Burger King, if anything, has gone cheap. They're producing cheaper product than before and it doesn't taste the same. I, amongst many others in the general population, never want to go to Burger King at all. However, there is one thing that would bring the attention of myself and many other people; the crown shaped nuggets. These nuggets were available from 2006-2011 and they were great. When these were available I wouldn't even want to go to McDonald's or Sonic I would just want Burger King because they were so good. I know I'm not the only person who misses these crown shaped nuggets. I ask that you please sign this petition to try and bring awareness to the cause for the crown shaped nuggets.