Save the Ficus Trees in San Francisco

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San Francisco - has posted tree removal notices on a series of healthy, mature 207  (Ficus) trees infuriating neighbors and merchants

The lead agency for this threat is the Bureau of Urban Forestry/Department of Public Works (DPW). According to the latest tree census, there are an estimated 7,000 mature Ficus street trees planted in the city. DPW is acting under a 2014 standing order (#183151) to eliminate Ficus trees that neatly folds in with a recent 2016 voter initiative (Proposition E) returning maintenance of street trees to the City.

Simply put, removing this many trees reduces maintenance costs in the long run for the City but also further diminishes the size and volume of our urban forest canopy, already the smallest (at 13.3%) of any major American city today.

In the case Ficus Trees, tree removals will deprive a diverse neighborhoods of its character and wildlife habitats, contribute to local climate change by removing carbon sinks, increase respiratory health problems of residents caused by auto pollution, eliminate the cooling provided by shade trees, exacerbate storm water drainage by diverting water into an antiquated sewer system and destroying nesting grounds for a variety of bird populations.

Please sign our petition, share and comment to end this War on Trees happening throughout San Francisco.