Remove the ban of International helmet brands.

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The sale of non-ISI helmets is to be banned in India within next 60 days. I was shocked to hear this news as you were.

To be frank, the new rule - banning non-ISI helmets is worth celebrating, as people won’t be buying those cheap roadside helmets anymore just to evade police. But on the other hand this also means that international brands like AGV, Shoei, Arai, Bell and others who already meet high international test standards like the American DOT, European ECE, Japanese JIS and other independent test standards like sharp and snell will also be banned.

In other words, the government wants to make the best helmets in the world illegal in India, because they don’t conform to the ISI standard. Now that is just unacceptable. These international brands are well above the ISI Standards and letting government to banning these helmets not only limit a rider or a bikers’ choices, but questions the safety of a rider too.

Lets join hands and exclude these international brands from the helmet ban. Pass this message to maximum people as possible - to those who value their head while they are on the roads or tracks.