Pay BUSD Substitute Teachers

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This is an incredibly difficult and confusing time not only for the community of Burbank, but for the entirety of California, The US, and the world. The effects of COVID-19 are more profound than anticipated, and our utmost responsibility as citizens right now is the health of our families and community.

Many industries and economic sectors have been greatly impacted by the precautionary measures aimed at limiting the spread of COVID-19, and our school district and academic institutions are no exception. The number of those affected by BUSD’s decision to suspend operations is innumerable, although it is understood that this decision is necessary and in the interest of the community’s well-being.  For the most part, BUSD has acted in the best interest of its students and employees.

With that being said, however, Burbank Unified School District has displayed a lack of support for its hard-working, dedicated, and passionate substitute teachers. Per Superintendent Hill’s initial message, “All BUSD employees will be paid their regular salary throughout this crisis… The exception is substitutes will not be paid.” This news came as a surprise to the many substitutes who dedicate their time and services to the district. Many of BUSD’s substitutes have been working for the district for years, even decades, and it is unjust to dismiss their dedication in such an offhand manner during an incredibly trying time.

Substitute teachers are essential employees integral to the daily operations of our schools. Our absence would critically hinder schools’ ability to provide a safe, fun, and productive environment for students.  Our neighboring school district, LAUSD, realized this fact and recently agreed to compensate their substitutes on a sliding scale based on the number of days worked since August. We hope that in light of LAUSD’s decision to pay their substitutes, Burbank Unified will follow suit and implement a similar model.

We ask of Burbank Unified School District and Superintendent Hill to extend their support to some of their most dedicated and passionate employees. 

Additionally, we ask of Governor Newsom and other elected officials to work in tandem with Burbank Unified to demonstrate their commitment to the excellency of our California schools.