Justice for Luis

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Imagine this: you’re the parent of an innocent seven year old boy. He’s normally very happy but one day he tells you about two boys who had been bullying and threatening him with a knife. You go directly to the school and demand action and protection for him. The vice principal agrees to look into it and talk to the kids involved but nothing comes out of it. Time passes and you notice that something about him seems off. He’s not acting normal and is unable to sit down. Now worried, you rush him over to the local hospital. You soon discover that your child had been raped for an entire month.

The police take a statement from him and you immediately unenroll him from that school. After months of not hearing anything back, you request his statement and medical records from the police and the hospital. You get denied from both. You then reach out to a law office but they can’t help you due to a “lack of evidence”. The two boys happen to remain at the school unpunished. After reaching out to the school, they said that they were told by the police department that nothing had happened to the boy and that he had never been raped. However, the medical records state that there was swelling in the rectum which proves otherwise.

This is the harsh reality for Luis and his parents. He was attending Burbank Elementary School when this all happened. His rapists still attend that school and by keeping them there, they are putting other kids at risk of sexual assault, harassment, and bullying; all of which are in violation of the Modesto City School District Conduct Codes.

No one should have or keep their children in an unsafe environment. These boys should be expelled. It baffles me that the Modesto Police Department and Burbank Elementary School are letting them get away with it. Regardless of their age, they need to be held accountable. Bad behavior will not change without consequence. If they are allowed to get away with this, they will continue to do it. They will believe that nothing can stop them, not even the police, the people who are meant to ensure safety and enforce the law.

Please help Luis and his parents get some justice by signing and sharing this petition in order to pressure the school into rethinking their decision to not punish those students and to have the police look further into this case.