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BURBANK CITY COUNCIL: NO Grandfathering Provision for Burbank Pet Stores in the Puppy Mill Ordinance

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Peggy Woods Pet Emporium wants to continue to sell commercially bred puppies and kittens ("puppy mill puppies") while millions upon millions of animals in our shelters are killed each year, almost 300 a day within the County of Los Angeles alone.  Puppy mills mass produce puppies and kittens for profit and transport them across the country in big semi trucks- often before they have developed a healthy immune system resulting in "spoilage" (deaths in route) which the industry chalks up to a business loss.  The parents are confined to small wire cages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for their entire breeding lives- getting only minimal vet care, food or water.  Human interaction is virtually non-existent.   The City of Los Angeles recently enacted an ordinance to ban the sale of commercially bred puppies, kittens and rabbits unless they come from registered non-profit animal rescue, adoption or shelter organizations. The City of Los Angeles only gave pet stores 6 months to adhere to the new ordinance - they DIDN'T give a grandfathering provision. By allowing Peggy Woods to continue to sell commercially bred puppies, the City of Burbank has failed to take a stand. We urge the Burbank City Council to represent its citizens. At the October 16th meeting, droves of citizens showed up and asked for a complete ban, while only the owner of Peggy Woods spoke in support of a Grandfathering provision so he can continue to support the puppy mill industry - giving him a monopoly in Burbank! Burbank City Council, do the right thing - only give Peggy Woods a grace period.

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