Make San Fernando pedestrian-only for expanded outdoor dining between Olive & Magnolia

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We would like to petition the city of Burbank to open San Fernando Blvd between Olive and Magnolia as a pedestrian-only thoroughfare with room for expanded outdoor dining, as a temporary measure during the COVID crisis. This has been done in many cities with great success, both in Europe / USA, including Ventura and Santa Barbara. 

As a community, we want to protect public health first, but we don’t want to see these downtown Burbank businesses struggle. They are an important fabric of our community and give the area the welcoming, neighborly atmosphere that Burbank is known for. There is consensus among scientists that outdoor activity / dining has much lower risk for virus transmission than indoors. Currently, the restaurants in operation are able to use small areas of the sidewalk for extra outdoor tables. The capacity isn’t even in the ballpark of what they had prior.

Downtown Burbank has plenty of parking and the street has been shut down to vehicular traffic many times in the past (for car shows, art fairs, beer festivals, wine walks, etc) with very little effect on traffic. When you take the cars off the street there is enough room to socially distance, making it a safer experience overall for the citizens of Burbank to enjoy downtown in this extraordinary time. There is also historic precedent, as long-time Burbank residents remember the previous incarnation of that section, the Golden Mall, and many have strong nostalgic memories of it.

We respectfully ask Mayor Springer and the city council of Burbank to consider this request from the constituents they serve. Thank you.