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Petition against the petition to shut down Bunny Blossoms Bunny Cafe

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We're living in an age where it's trendy to petition for a cause that most of the time people have no clue what they are talking about and that is true in this case. Bunny Blossom are trying to do a good deed and rehome bunnies who desperately just need love and attention, as do all bunnies. Getting a pet rabbit isn't a decision to be taken lightly and Bunny Blossom have made this abundantly clear on their Facebook page - they are looking for responsible owners to look after their rescue bunnies - is that really such a bad idea ? It's not much different than going to a pet shop and picking out a bunny that has been bred for sale (which seems to be condoned in our society !?) except at Bunny Blossom they have RESCUED these bunnies and are just some normal people trying to do a decent thing for the welfare of these animals. Stop trying to squash the little guy and let people do something they are passionate about for a worthy cause. Go to the Bunny Blossom page at and read for yourself the facts and if you still aren't sold email them privately to ask any questions instead of publicly shaming people unnecessarily on Facebook for your own ego to benefit. Petition against the petition to close down the bunny cafe - if you're going to waste your time petitioning against something let it be one that encourages small time people to do a good deed.

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