Make a Bunnings Drive Thru for Snags

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we need a drive thru at Bunnings or at least a restaurant dedicated to Bunnings snags where volunteers can cook the snags and serve them. 

menu idea's: 'chips' which are small sausage rolls, 'churro's which are snags dipped in lard and rolled in pre cooked broken pastry, 'sauce' which is meat pie filling, 'vegan salad' which is steak covered in bacon and cheese, Beer available at all sizzle's.

i think i speak for every lover of Bunnings snags around then country. let's make it a reality! we've got drive thru for wood, why not for snags?   

a drive thru would stop me from being cremated in the heat as i wait patiently for my snag, why are drive thru bottle-o's a thing but drive thru snags aren't?

old slogan: "lowest prices are just beginning that's are policy".

new slogan: "free sauce at all drive thru's across the country".

who wants to do projects with wood and metal when they can build snag sculptures? you could have a snag decorating day where kids can decorate their snag with mini snags and tons of sauce. 

Bunnings already sells gift cards for tools so why not sell gift cards for snags? 

C'mon, Bunnings! Make the Country Proud! - A Fellow Snag Enthusiast 

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