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Bunnies to not be tested on

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today I would like to address a problem faced by thousands and thousands of bunnies each year . I care so much about this subject, because I have four cats, and two dogs. No I don't have a bunny but all animals are equal no matter what. Bunnies everyday are tested in factory's by the company of neutrogena just so you can use a makeup wipe for a minute. A portion of there lives are effected due to negligence of millions of Americans. A life in the day of this animal is being in a cage, and listening to blasting music, and other sounds. They are then strapped down to a table with full body restraints so they can't move. They force there testing liquid into the bunnies eyes, and then see how it effects the animal. Sometimes they shave the animals back to see how the liquid will do on the back of the animal. The leave that animal until the test is over this can last for weeks of constant irritation, and burning. Ounce the test is over they then kill them. They are given no pain relief, and all they can do is suffer threw it. That's much easier said then done. The total of bunnies tested each year are 170,000 in the USA alone! When most people think of animal testing they think of someone getting a makeup wipe, and wiping it on the animal, but what they do is get the chemicals to make that then they put that on the animal. The FDA doesn't even require animals to be tested for cosmetics yet it still happens! Some people will even put "not tested on animals" on their product just for more people to buy it when they do in fact test on animals! Please sign this petition I won't stop until bunnies have equal rights!! 

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