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Add Optional Proximity, Fireteam, Zone, Clan and PvP team voice chat to their game Destiny

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Without the ability to easily communicate the game is not nearly as complete or immersive as sold to be.


Bungie has created a wonderful online social arena that has no easy way to communicate.  Players have invested monetarily in the purchase of the game and time wise into the online community but lack the ability to easily communicate with others and fully experience the game.

We the players of Destiny ask Bungie to please implement a system of OPTIONAL voice chat.   The system should feature - proximity chat, easy to use Fireteam chat, a Zone chat (possibly text based), a Clan voice chat and a PvP team chat.  This system can be defaulted to not be enabled as Bungie has serious worry that online voice chat encourages bullying and trolling by the community.   While this is regrettable and can damage a players game experience, many of the longtime fans of their series of games and other online games know what to expect and how to handle this kind of activity.  Simple controls to mute and report troublesome players and setting all voice options defaulted to OFF would address any of these issues.  If players do not want to be potentially exposed to this negative chatter, than they can opt out of the system.  However, the many positive aspects of voice chat far outweigh the fear of trolling/bullying and their effects.  We the signed below fully believe this.

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