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Give Year 1 players the same perks!

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Currently,people can preorder Destiny plus all three expansions for $60 USD, which is approximately the price most payed for just Destiny nearly a year ago. Since then, veteran (day-one) players have poured out another 40 dollars for both the Dark Below and House of Wolves. With the Taken King added in, this will amount to a whopping $140 for all three expansions, plus the game. On the other hand, newer players get all of this (and more) for nearly half the price. 

This is an injustice on behalf of the veteran players. In response to our loyalty, we get a sparrow, a shader, and an emblem, while these new players get 3 free Exotics (with special XP-boosting perks), 3 Shaders, and 3 new emotes. This is hardly fair to the veteran players, who have paid more for this game than any new player has or ever will. This petition is designed to let Bungie and Activision know that we will not stand for this, and that we want what we deserve. 


We are asking that that veteran players (it should be easy to discern older players from the newer ones) receive the same perks that the Collector's Edition purchasers are receiving (the free Exotics, sparrow, shaders, and emblem), due to the fact that we have already paid more than enough for it. For this to work, Bungie would need to introduce a Digital Collector's Edition featuring solely The Taken King. 

Thanks for the support. 

-ChrisShadow1, PS3 Destiny Guardian. Catch me on the forums! 

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