Bullying in Strata - Legislation Change

Bullying in Strata - Legislation Change

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Eleni Petinos (Minister for Small Business and Fair Trading) and

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Started by Jo Cooper

Bullying & Corruption within NSW Strata Schemes Urgently Require a Change in Law Reform to Hold Committee Members Personally Liable for Bullying and Misconduct. The Australian Human Rights Commission states that we have a right to feel safe and be treated fairly and respectfully.

That Bullying or harassment can be a violation of these rights Bullying is an abuse of your human rights. However, under strata we have no protection or framework in legislation nor the human rights commission to undertake an investigation into bullying in strata schemes.

In fact, the latitude that is given to committee members under qualified privilege in the Strata Legislation limits owners who are being bullied and abused by them in seeking accountability and damages. Qualified privilege gives strata committees a platform to abuse their power with no fear of being held accountable. This needs to change.

Bullying within Strata Schemes is a serious and common issue, it has serious mental and physical implications, however, many strata owners are being bullied and abused within their own schemes, their homes with nowhere to turn to for help. 
Serious misconduct, mismanagement, and corruption within strata has been an issue widely known and unresolved for too long. 

The current method of owners being forced to NCAT and spending thousands and in some cases hundreds of thousands on legal fees with no solution or long-term relief is dysfunctional. 

Our wellbeing and mental health start at home and in our communities. With strata living only increasing, now more than ever we must ensure we feel safe, respected, and no longer suffer the abuse of power that is rife within Strata.

The latest recommendations in the strata reform do little to address these issues, many of which have been raised with MPs and the Attorney General.

The undersigned petitioners therefore request that a change in law reform include a section in which committee members are personally and legally liable for their misconduct. Committee members should be held to the same accountability as any board member for a non-for-profit organisation, hiding behind being volunteers whilst abusing their power is not a good enough reason for qualified privilege.

373 have signed. Let’s get to 500!