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CCSD: "Make It Stop!"

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CCSD Supt. Gerrita Postlewait directed staff to instruct principals to place teachers on plans or formally evaluate them based on student test scores. 

Some who resisted have now been demoted and/or involuntarily transferred. Parents have expressed their outrage at losing educators they trust and admire.

Details have surfaced which suggest the harassment of leaders for resisting this policy and that principals were told to misrepresent the truth to the community about impending transfers.

This corroborates the testimony of numerous teachers, principals, and district staff. Numerous teachers have confirmed that they were told that the board's original intention was to fire them outright.

Until now, their stories, along with the concerns of parents, have been brushed aside by Board Members.

That is no longer possible.  

Meanwhile, the district called parents of over 3,500 students (as young as seven) to mandatory meetings to project which colleges they could expect to attend based on notoriously unreliable MAP scores.  The program will be districtwide next year.


Bullying & harassment have no place in our schools...much less in the district office.

Autocratic, unresponsive, data-worship is a poor substitute for leadership.

The CCSD board needs to hear in no uncertain terms that our community will not accept this for our children and the adults who serve them:

  • Teachers Evaluated & Threatened Using Student Test Scores ALONE
  • Principals Demoted/Transferred After Resisting Flawed, Unprofessional Evaluation Policy
  • Using 1st Grade MAP scores to Tell Parents Where Their Kids Can & Can't Go to College.  Really.
  • Lack of Transparency
  • Shutting Out Public Input 
  • Closing a School That Serves Vital Needs (Garrett Acad.)

Mon. 5/22 @ 75 Calhoun St/ 5:15pm. 

Arrive earlier to sign up to speak for 1 minute. Then step outside and join a few hundred friends to speak for an hour.

"Make It STOP!"

It's not about teachers, principals, and parents,...

It's about saving the cornerstone of our community from itself, so that it can serve our children effectively.

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