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In 2012 Cataluña will become the first region of Spain to ban bullfighting.  The ban which passed last summer codified a motion passed in December 2009 banning the cruel sport with a majority vote. 

This law amends the country's animal cruelty law to recognize fighting bulls as animals safe from torture.

Please sign the petition below thanking Cataluña for passing this law, and encourage these elected politicians in Cataluña to take their humane message to the National Assembly where it can become national law making bullfighting illegal throughout all of Spain.

Letter to
Minister of Culture and the Media Joan Manuel Tresserras i Gaju
Minister of Governance and Public Administration Jordi Ausàs i Coll
Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Action Joaquim Llena i Cortina
and 3 others
Minister of Social Action and Citizenship Carme Capdevila i Palau
Minister of Home Affairs, Institutional Relations and Participation Joan Saura i Laporta
Minister of Justice Montserrat Tura i Camafreita
As an animal advocate, I applaud the steps which have been taken in Cataluña to ban bullfighting.

I encourage you to take your humane message of compassion to the National Assembly where it can be presented and deliberated in the Congress of Deputies and in the Senate. Bullfighting must be banned throughout all of Spain.

Please know that I personally appreciate all that you are doing to ban bullfighting in Spain.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

Yours sincerely,

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