Stop repressions of Bulgarian Prisoners’ Association and its founder Jock Palfreeman!

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Bulgarians abroad and their international friends ask Bulgarian Justice Minister Tsetska Tsacheva to step up in her role as decision-maker and stop repressions of the Bulgarian Prisoners’ Association, its founder Jock Palfreeman, and members and supporters of the organization.

We are aware and highly concerned about ongoing repressions of the Bulgarian Prisoners’ Association, the only union of prisoners in Bulgaria. We demand that Bulgarian Justice Minister Tsacheva intervenes to end the repressions, in all their forms, and to repeal legally unsound punitive disciplinary measures against Jock Palfreeman, the organization’s founder.  

Minister Tsacheva, you have the ability to make key decisions, and you bear responsibility for the unlawful actions of the Chief Penal Directorate, under the auspices of Deputy Minister Nikolai Prodanov. Stop them.

We support the mission and activities of the Bulgarian Prisoners’ Association. A legally registered NGO, it plays an important role for the advancement of needed reforms in the criminal justice and prison system of Bulgaria. The Association contributes to the development of Bulgarian society and its commitment to the values and legal norms of the European Union.

We have faith that the Bulgarian Minister of Justice understands the seriousness of the matter. International public and media information in the case of Palfreeman and repressions of the Bulgarian Prisoners’ Association is growing – in the US, Europe, and other countries. It does not present Bulgaria and the Ministry of Justice in good light. Minister Tsatcheva is in a position to change this state of things.   

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