Build the Battleford Pump Track at Alex Dillabough Centre instead of 35th Street

Build the Battleford Pump Track at Alex Dillabough Centre instead of 35th Street

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Started by David Fortier

Proposed Battleford Pump Track

The Town of Battleford has selected the 35th Street intersection as the site of the new pump track.

The pump track is essentially a paved undulating track to be used by bycycles, bmx bikes, skateboarders.  This is to be built by a company called Canadian Ramp

These types of developments are NOT built in quiet residential neighborhoods along river valleys. These type of developments are generally located in inner city locations or on outskirts. 

This is a quiet residential neighborhood with a quiet local park and walking trails through the river valley.  Construction at this location will result in increased vehicular traffic, increased pedestrian traffic, increased noise for neighboring property owners and those enjoying the river valley. There are steep hills along 35th Street and 2nd Avenue west that people will be racing down with bikes and skateboards. There are no public washrooms. This pump track will be used all hours of the day and night by people from throughout the town of Battleford, City of North Battleford and surrounding communities with no supervision.  Local property owners were not consulted prior to this site being selected. 

Alternate Location: Alex Dillabough Centre

There are alternate locations within the Town of Battleford that are better suited for this type of a development namely: the land north of the Alex Dillabough Centre. This is located at the intersection of 29th Street and Highway #4/40, south of the Esso Gas Station just west of the Battlefords Arena. There is a large grassed undeveloped area in the northwest corner of this parcel that is protected from the wind by trees on the north and west sides. This area is superior to the 35th Street location as:

Alex Dillabough (NW corner nearest the 29th street intersection)

- Better traffic control (There are already stop lights)

- Better exposure to local and through traffic and highway traffic

- Better parking (large paved parking area exists)

- Less public opposition from neighboring property owners. 

- No risk of flooding

- There is a convenience store (Esso) right across the street, and Tim Hortons and Busters Pizza is located across the highway with a pedestrian crosswalk and stop light. This allows for people to have access to washrooms, get snacks and enjoy the pump park more and longer. 

I am opposed to the development of the 35th Street intersection with this pump park and would like for it instead to be built by the Alex Dillabough Centre. 

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17 have signed. Let’s get to 25!