Build a Klingon Bird of Prey in Vulcan, AB

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Star Trek has left its mark on our culture and shaped the dreams of generations. We the undersigned, having had our lives touched by this franchise, request that the Town of Vulcan erect a statue of a Klingon Bird of Prey in the park adjacent to Trek Station.

As the Star Trek capital of Canada, it is only logical that on behalf of all Canadians, Vulcan pay homage to the creative works of Canadians like John Colicos, Christopher Plummer, James “Scotty” Doohan and Kenneth Mitchell, who have helped to turn the Klingons from just another group of TV bad guys into one of the most iconic alien races in all of science fiction, and an enduring foil for humanity. The statue would further serve as a new attraction which adds a more dynamic feel to Vulcan’s world renowned Star Trek park., encouraging Star Trek tourists to make Vulcan a destination of choice.

With the street that Trek Station sits on being named Klingon Way, it is just not acceptable that a statue of a Federation cruiser sit in Klingon territory unanswered. We therefore call upon to to build a Bird of Prey to defend Klingon space!

Klingon Fan participation at the Vulcan Star Trek conventions, Galaxy Fest/Vul-Con, goes back to the beginning of Vulcan's embrace of all things Trek. Klingon's from across Canada and the United States over the years have invaded the town of Vulcan. This Bird of Prey would be a celebration of the ongoing partnership between the Town of Vulcan, and the Klingon Fan Empire!

Thank you for your consideration. Qaplaʼ, and Live Long and Prosper!