Build-A-Bear line for special needs children

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I recently visited Build-A-Bear workshop with a little girl who is special needs. We really wanted her bear to be as much like her as possible. We grabbed a pair of glasses that matched hers and grabbed a pair of shoes that she really loved, but we realized that her bear was missing something, something important.

Her bear didn’t have braces on its legs like she did.

We are suggesting that BAB should create a line of bears, clothing and accessories for children with special needs.

Custom order online only, but bears with one arm or leg or eye or ear. Hearing aids and cochlear implants for the bears. Leg braces and prosthetics. Bears with scars. Bears with patches of fur in a different color from the normal fur. Bears that can have colostomy bags and stomas and much much more.

I really think it would be a great idea and if it’s by custom order only then they won’t be wasting money. Help us get a special line created so every kid can have a bear that is just like them!