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On the afternoon of June 4th, 2020, Officer Aaron Torgalski shoved an elderly man to the ground shortly after protestors had cleared from Niagara Square in downtown Buffalo, NY. The man unthreateningly approached a large group of officers and was immediately pushed away by officers. The innocent citizen fell backwards, hitting the pavement and immediately began bleeding from his ears. The entire group of officers continued to walk past the man as he bled out on the pavement. Reporters were also shoved from the scene by BPD officers.

The Buffalo Police have told the public that the man's injuries were sustained "when he tripped and fell" as reported by WIVB. Videos of the incident clearly prove this statement to be false.

This incident occurs just HOURS after the Buffalo Common Council refused to listen to public demand to defund the police. Just this morning, Delaware district council member Joel P. Feroleto announced "as my colleagues and I state today, the Buffalo Common Council does not plan on defunding the Buffalo Police Department." 

Since the incident earlier this afternoon, Officer Torgalski and another unnamed officer have been suspended by the Buffalo Police Commissioner and an immediate internal affairs investigation regarding the incident has been publicly announced. @ipostnews, a local Western New York reporting center, found that in 2017 internal affairs cleared officers of wrongdoing in 94% of the cases it handled.

The people of Buffalo, NY are demanding that all officers involved in this incident are fired and properly charged for their actions.