Calling for the immediate termination of Officer Aaron Torgalski

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We the people are calling on the immediate termination of Officer Aaron Talgoski for shoving an unarmed white man during a Black Lives Matter protest. A video has been released which clearly shows Talgoski shoving the elderly man down, causing the man to hit his head on the concrete ground. The man subsequently lost consciousness and started bleeding on his head.

Another officer seemed to try to help the man, but was pulled away by his coworkers. We would like this entire incident to be looked into as whoever pulled the man away is an accomplice to this heinous act. The officers who stood by, watched, and did nothing to help are also accomplices and we would like every police officer involved to face repercussions.

Officer Talgoski’s name badge is clearly visible in the video. We want justice for the defenseless elderly man and need these officers involved to be held accountable.