Stop using breeder dogs and puppies in your advertising

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Stop using breeder dogs and puppies in your advertising

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Marjorie Asturias started this petition to Paul Chibe, VP of Marketing Budweiser/Anheuser Busch and

It's starts out so beautifully: a bucolic scene featuring a large, wooden sign proclaiming the viewer's "arrival" at a place called "Warm Springs" that has "Puppy Adoptions." The rural farmhouse just beyond the sign and the golden afternoon sunshine bathing the scene completes the picture-perfect opening scene.

Throw in the famous Budweiser Clydesdales and a wriggly, eager and friendly Lab puppy, and it's hard not to tear up every single time the commercial airs. It was voted the best commercial of the most recent Super Bowl (2014) and has been shared and retweeted across social media countless times.

What's not to love?

As it turns out, plenty.

Why This is Not Puppy Love

Despite the message that opens the scene announcing the availability of puppies for "adoption," in real life those puppies are actually from a private breeder -- reportedly in California, while another breeder in Oklahoma has been proudly trumpeting the fact that they "own the grandfather" of that adorable puppy that stars in the ad.

In other words, these are not rescued pups, nor did they come from any shelter. These are not available for "adoption." These puppies -- as cute and deserving of homes as any puppies and dogs out there -- are for sale.

Adopters Beware

More and more breeders are engaging in deceptive practices by labeling their sales as "adoptions" because they know that more people are turning to rescue groups and shelters to find their forever friends. The fact that this ad actually supports that deception sends the wrong message to its viewing audience and is an outright insult to the millions of Americans who want to adopt and rescue, as well as to the many, many, MANY volunteers and advocates of rescue organizations around the country. 

Breeders call themselves "advocates" of [insert breed here], but if they were true advocates, they wouldn't make their living off the reproductive organs of living, sentient beings. They wouldn't be engaging in breed reproduction while many, many dogs -- both pure-bred and mix, including puppies -- wait to die at their local shelter just down the road.

They would instead work hand-in-hand, shoulder-to-shoulder with rescue groups -- including the many "breed-specific" rescue groups out there -- to rescue and rehome the countless dogs and puppies now languishing in shelters or are otherwise homeless and/or living in abusive and neglectful conditions.  

That's true breed advocacy. What they're doing is simply exploitation. 

Budweiser, Please Show True Puppy Love

According to this Ecorazzi article, Budweiser/Anheuser Busch has a history of providing strong support to rescue groups and organizations. In fact, they actually produced another commercial for this year's Super Bowl that really does feature rescued pups from a group called Southern Paws Rescue. 

Sign this petition to ask Budweiser/Anheuser Busch to please stop using breeder puppies and dogs in any of their advertising and marketing. Breeders don't need Budweiser's help, but the millions of homeless and rescue dogs and puppies in America do. Take down that misleading and deceptive ad, and stop promoting the idea that shopping for one's best friend is an acceptable practice. 

Budweiser, you've been a champion of animal rescue before, and we know that you can do it again. Please show true puppy love by remembering the many loving and loyal dogs out there who really are available for adoption, and take down that ad.



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This petition had 3,149 supporters

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