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Petitioning State Representative Robert Blumenfield and 10 others

Budget Conference Committee: Adopt the Assembly proposal on Early Start

This $12 million reinvestment will be used, starting October 1st, to "alter and prioritize changes in eligibility to allow for more children to participate" in Early Start.

Letter to
State Representative Robert Blumenfield
State Representative John Perez
State Senator Loni Hancock
and 8 others
State Representative Holly Mitchell
State Representative Nancy Skinner
State Senator Bill Emmerson
State Senator Kevin De Leon
State Representative Jeff Gorell
State Senator Mark Leno
State Senator Darrell Steinberg
Governor Jerry Brown
Please adopt the Assembly's Budget proposal to restore Early Start. This program can and does changes lives, and saves the state money by reducing the number of children who would otherwise need a lifetime of services and supports!

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