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The People V Budgens . started this petition to Budgens and

Stony Stratford describes itself as 'The Jewel of Milton Keynes' unfortunately the same cannot be said for towns' only supermarket. 

The local Stony Stratford franchise Budgens has recently received a one-star hygiene rating, is filthy, has empty shelves, the random food it does have is either already out of date or about to go out of date, and it is in desperate need of investment, even if that investment is just good management with someone who knows how to properly run a shop. 

The poor staff are forced to dress up like they are about to go on a hiking expedition to the artic every day due to the inhumane temperatures in the shop. Jumpers, gloves, hats, scarfs, and coats all worn inside, whilst working on the tills. Many believe it is actually colder inside than it is outside. I'm not sure if it's even legal the temperatures they have to work in. 

This is a massive blight to the community of Stony Stratford. It is a well-place, decent-sized supermarket in a fairly affluent area that has the potential to be an absolute goldmine. Instead, people are now voting with their feet and deciding to shop in the neighboring town of Wolverton. The only reason Budgens still has customers is that mobility issues leaves many locals with no other choice. Being that it is the only supermarket in the area, it has a monopoly and because of that, it seems that the owners/management will keep running it into the ground and do nothing to change this pitiful excuse for a shop. 

Don't take our word for it, someone from Budgens, Bookers or anyone that cares about the Budgens brand could visit any time of the day or night and would be appalled at what they would find. Take a look at the reviews online, they're plenty of wonderful Budgens franchises in the UK and this has the potential to be up there with the very best. The people who are in charge of the Stony Stratford store need to care more and try harder. If more effort was put into this decent-sized store, better fresh produce, properly stocked with items that people need, it would very quickly become well supported and very much loved. 

Budgens Stony Stratford, is franchised by Kashif Jaffar of Stony Stratford Stores Ltd who is aware of the problems and still continues to ignore them. He has been contacted on numerous occasions by Stony Stratford Town Council, Milton Keynes Citizen and members of the public alike. There have been meetings at the town council to discuss how to solve this huge issue. It has also been in the Milton Keynes Citizen under the headline  - "Grubby Budgens needs Major Improvement"

Stony Stratford Stores Ltd (Budgens) received a rating of 1 in the council inspection, meaning major improvement is necessary. The inspector's report, drawn up after a visit last year, describes how the floor in the 'Bake Off' room was dirty and “did not appear to have been satisfactorily cleaned for some time".
The report also included that 'Food debris was present' and that there was 'significant dust under the units' and 'used paper towels' lying on the floor. The report also added that the freezer was far too warm for the storage of frozen products. The inspector carrying out his report also noted; "Improved cleaning is required, followed by more regular and thorough cleaning."

To have such a vibrant, popular town with more than 7000 residents in and around the center and such a shoddy excuse for a supermarket, is utterly appalling. It is baffling to many, how an experienced manager can get it so wrong. When really this is just basic shopkeeping. 

Many would like it to be bought out by another brand, but failing that, at least install an experienced retail manager who can order the correct stock based on what customers require, good 'in-date' fresh produce, staff your tills, fix your lights, fix the heating and make the whole experience semi-pleasurable again, rather than the hellish experience it seems to be now. 

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"Grubby Budgens" MK Citizen article:

Food Hygiene Rating -

Below are some snippets from Google Reviews: 

Shirley Herbert - Very expensive. There's always a 'smell' in there. Staff friendly. Freezers always look mucky. How often are they defrosted?
R F Kearns - Scores on the doors - hygiene rating 1*
Lucy  - Sells the usual, so useful but...what an awful store. Staff are so rude and unkempt to the point I dont want to go in that store again! Please do something, this shop should be making a killing where it is.

Liz Williams - Dirty, chilled drinks fridge broken for months and beware of the dates
George Claxton - it has change a great deal since my last visit and not for the good
Mark Basson - If I could give this place a 0 I would. Way overpriced compared to other stores. Never has what you need 
Sarah Keane - Absolutely filthy. If front of house is that dirty I dread to think what behind the scenes is like
Lewis Tyler - overpriced. poorly stocked. poor quality produce.. 

Richard Bailey - All as normal, empty shelves, one till open at checkout
Richard Knapman - Dirty, poor customer service, expensive
Michael Rae - Not great at all

Gary Walton - Fresh produce never looks appealing and is very expensive. The store itself always looks dirty, the floor staff are generally friendly but the manager is very rude
Gee Ell - Not my favorite supermarket. Not in my top hundred actually. I feel sorry for those inhabitants of Stony Stratford who lack the mobility to go elsewhere.

Us Two - Odd stock selections. For example, many times you will find they have run out of bread yet have half an aisle devoted to different varieties of cupcake... 
P Collins - The quality of the fresh produce really lets this place down.
Julia Charles - Your store is always so cold. Why?
Andrew Walker - Not a great shopping environment.
Camden Dell - I went in and it smelled like a public toilet

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