Urge to stop the conductance of 70 marks exam as ISAT-2020 in BBIT #And_Donotforcefor_fees

Urge to stop the conductance of 70 marks exam as ISAT-2020 in BBIT #And_Donotforcefor_fees

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Tatai Ghosh started this petition to BUDGE BUDGE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY and

Honourable Management,

Budge Budge Institute Of Technology,

The Budge Budge Institute Of Technology has sent a notice to it's students and it's faculties that says the institute will hold the Institute Semester Assessment Test-ISAT-2020 which will commence from 20th July onwards via online mode.

The college in the name of online classes is just providing the students with presentations and PDFs to study from. There are merely any video lectures held. And for some subjects even video lectures cannot help. The faculties aren't to be blamed because they don't have the required amount of Internet access or facilities but they are trying their best to fulfil our requirements. Adopting a completely new procedure of teaching and learning is time consuming as well as difficult to cope up.  

If the students were to study like this, they'd have just read up the topics from the internet. On top of this the students are piled up with assignments to do. In this pandemic situation where we all are already stressed, we the students are pressurized so much all of a sudden.

Inspite of all in the past few months we have , attended online classes, submitted regular assignments, used virtual labs further we have given online class assessments and viva as well.

On 30th June our university Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University Of Technology (MAKAUT) has published a notice regarding the semester examination where they stated in point (a) that ” All students of intermediate semesters shall be promoted to the next semester” and in point (b) ”  Evaluation process of all intermediate semesters would be finalized in due course of time preferably only after Covid-19 situation gets normalized.”

On the same day Budge Budge Institute Of Technology published the above mention notice for which the students are getting much pressurized due to the problems/situations/circumstances/doubts listed below:

  •  During the lockdown we have completed 2 class assessments (CA 3 & CA 4),online classes, daily assignments and virtual labs which are still continuing ,online viva, etc. If these were done to grade a student then why again we have to give a online 70 marks exam.
  •  With our past experiences we have noticed several drawbacks regarding online examinations such as weak network connectivity ,lack of devices to continue the examination. Most of the students who resides in hostel were unable to carry books with them (as it is not possible to carry 30-35 kilograms and loco-mote) and without books one could not acquire complete knowledge as because we were accustomed with it from the beginning and not with online lectures.
  • Most of the hostlers as well as the day scholars resides in remote areas where network connectivity is inadequate. Many do not have a laptop/desktop in there home or have left it in the hostel. So,for them continuing 2 hours for more than 6 subjects is a overwhelming task.
  • In 45 minute time we have solved 15 MCQs in the previous online CA 4 examination but in ISAT we have to solve 38 questions including descriptive/short note type questions in a time span of only 2 hours. Typing long answers in a short time is difficult for everyone.  
  • Exam key is provided only once, so if anyone is using a broadband connection and there is any kind of disturbance in power supply(like, load-shedding) then the student will lose connection and will get automatically sign out .

In this situation college is assisting us to pay next semester fees though we are still unable to know from when the next semester will commence as the pandemic is rising day by day. In the ongoing semester we have paid for medical, development, library, laboratory, electricity, miscellaneous which approximately result to ₹ 7700 excluding tution fees.

Will 50% of this amount will get refunded as no one attended the college for more than 3 months?

It will be very kind of you if the college would consider the examination and be lenient over the matter regarding the fee payment.We'd really be grateful if the university would be a little considerate and make things easier for us.

Thanking you,

Students of BBIT

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