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Stop Selling Veal

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Veal, baby cow meat, is an inherently cruel product.

In typical veal production, male baby cows are dragged from their mothers immediately after birth, chained by the neck, and confined to tiny crates so they can not move very much (so their flesh will be tender). After weeks (not years), these babies, often too weak to walk to their deaths, are dragged and electrically prodded into a slaughterhouse.

According to Mercy For Animals, "...the American Veterinary Medical Association opposes chaining calves in restrictive crates and five U.S. states, as well as all 27 countries in the European Union, have outlawed their use."

Buca appears to value family, but veal tears apart families. If Buca truly values family, it should not support the veal industry by selling veal.

My goal is to get 25,000 signatures by December 31, 2012 which means I need over 3,000 signatures per month (100 signatures per day)!  I really need YOUR help sharing my petition with your friends and family members!

Please speak up for baby cows, who are gentle sentient mammals by signing this petition.

(Photo credit - Farm Sanctuary)


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