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Bring back Discord global emojis

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I will try to speak for everyone here. For those that don't know what's happening, Discord global emojis have been removed. What this allowed users to do is use emojis, as long as they are in the server, anywhere without Discord Nitro. As a result of them being removed, most of the servers who use them have been shutdown or repurposed. Every single person who used them has been affected in some way, even Nitro users. What I propose is to fully bring back global emojis.


1. Good PR. All this has done is generate bad PR, as some people on Reddit have said. Most of them are not going to buy nitro to petition this change. 
"It is. I was considering getting Nitro to spread my own emotes through the depths of discord. Now discord is just another moneygrabbing company, going so far to make changes so they are able to exploit their community better." -/u/Schat_ten/

2. Promotes Discord. It may not seem like it at first, but having global emoji servers did help to promote Discord as Discord staff members were in them, and they were some of the most popular Discord servers, the Google Blobs emote server once being the most highly populated server on Discord.
"Discord has actively promoted and encouraged the use of global emoji, with the devs being directly involved with moderating these servers. Now, when it's commonspread practice to use the globalmotes, they put it behind a paywall. That's just a moneygrab move." -/u/dirtyhappythoughts/


1. Less storage for Discord. The servers are so massive that they take up so much memory producing stress on Discord. This helps free it up.


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