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Improve the speed of our Broadband

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The Dodworth Water Royd/Rose Hill estates suffers some of the slowest broadband speeds available throughout the UK. The Water Royd/Rose Hill estates rely on the BT cable network for its broadband connections and BT have no plans to increase speeds in the foreseeable future.

Whilst you may be suffering right now, the major issue we have is in ten years’ time when the majority of the UK have a broadband speed measured in gigabits, we will still be struggling with an internet connection of around one megabit or less.

This will make the internet of the day unusable to us and we will have no ability to perform online transactions. This will have a negative effect on our lifestyle, prosperity and is highly likely to have a negative effect on house prices because quite simply no one will wish to live here.

The majority of the UK have a length of copper wire from their home to a street cabinet. Traffic passes through the cabinet and onto the BT exchange.

Fibre is currently being run to street cabinets and has been throughout Dodworth to provide an accelerated internet connection up to 40megabits, offering potential speeds of up to 100megabits by reducing the length of copper wire.

The issue is your home is connected directly to the BT telephony exchange without first connecting to a street cabinet. This means the length of copper wire between your home and the exchange is in the region of 6.5km.  Copper wire allows loss to occur and noise (interference) to build up and so quite simply, the longer the length of copper, the slower the internet connection.

Therefore, we need a cabinet to be installed somewhere in the vicinity of the Water Royd/Rose Hill estates if we have any chance of increasing our internet speeds.

This should not involve digging up any roads or pavements because the copper wire which currently runs to your home will continue to do so and it’s highly likely fibre to the cabinet can be pushed through existing ducting.

There is strength in numbers and I would be grateful therefore if you could be kind enough to add your name to my epetition which will be sent to our local MP, council, BT and Digital Region (the organisation which has funded fibre to the cabinet deployments throughout the remaining parts of Dodworth).

I recently discovered the following text on the BT Openreach website:

A recent survey by found that:

80% of people thought broadband was "critically important" to home life

80% would be put off buying a new home if it didn't have a good broadband connection

57% would pay more for a property with superfast broadband (more than 25Mbit/s)

Therefore, we will all suffer in one way or another because of this issue!

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