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Build More Broadband Exchanges Where There Are Not Many

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People who live in more rural or just outside of cities get internet with the quality and speeds of years ago however have to pay the same as others who get their money's worth for their broadband package, this is due to broadband exchange boxes being to far away, they are the green boxes you see dotted around the place near places like schools and hospitals. These boxes can be over 2 miles away which means by the time the data has passed into the home the signal is so weak from the distance it has gone it creates a slow broadband speed for both upload and download speeds. The solution is simple by installing new broadband exchange points we are creating a equal deal for everyone so we all get the amount out of our broadband. The reason I care so much about this is because I'm an aspiring online creator who streams online to people to create an audience to connect with however with my box being over 3KM away I have internet speeds which are so slow they are not bearable to use, 700 kbps download and 100 kbps upload, these speeds are slower than any non-fibre packages being sold by companies and we are using fibre optic by TalkTalk. If this change is taken into action it will give people who live in rural or out of city places a better time using the internet and create a better workflow and also create more opportunities for people.

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