Make Pitbulls legal in Denver and Aurora!

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The goal I have is one that I’m incredibly passionate about. Im going to change the breed specific legislation we have here in Denver and I’m going to change the lives of 4 beautifully loyal Pitbull breeds by making them legal and able to live freely like every other dog here. I rescued my Pitbull/Sharpei mix almost half a year ago, and since day 1, I have been heartbroken by learning about their lives, in and out of shelters, and I’ve had something inside me tell me I need to be their voice. 

As I write this on my couch, my 11 month old 80lb “baby” is snorning on top of my lap, getting one of many naps in for the day. Sometimes I completely forget that people consider him to be vicious, scary, and aggressive. Something he has never been in his entire lifetime. He jumps and hides at loud noises, yelling, and getting splashed with water. He will even go as far crawling up into your lap and staring up at you, begging you to hold him and protect him. I could never even imagine what he went through in life before my boyfriend and I rescued him at the shelter. 

There are an estimated 2 million Pitbulls in America. When I had gone to the shelter, 80% of the dogs that needed loving homes were Pitbulls. A Staffordshire had been there for almost 6 months, he no longer greeted people when they came up to his room in the shelter, after a while the dog settled into his life at living at the shelter forever. And everyday I see more and more Pitbulls get put into shelters in Denver and never get adopted because they are illegal to own. So many get shipped off to other shelters, shelters that do not have no kill policies. All because we have an incredibly outdated law in place since the 80’s, many dogs end up homeless, in abusive situations such as people raising them to fight, or dead? 

Pitbull breeds do not deserve to be put in one box. Even though there are stories of aggression and people fighting them, there are so many more that are not. In fact, Pitbulls are more likely to greet an intruder in your home as a new friend rather than guard. Pitbulls are incredibly loving and devoted. They love to cuddle, they love to kiss, they love to be a part of the family. They can be trained to do all kinds of things, whether it’s basic commands or training to protect. It has even been said Pitbulls would make fantastic police dogs and some have even started to do this. The Pitbull breeds were even originated in America! Despite them originally being bred to fight, they were so good with children they were and still are considered nannydogs. There has even been stories of Pitbulls that were tortured and taught to fight, and have been rehabilitated and become therapy dogs for people.

All in all, this is something we need to get rid of. At times I’m not able to bring my Pitbull to a dog park, or even to dog day care, despite his mix and the fact that he loves all people and all dogs. Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) is not a reliable or effective solution for dog bite prevention. This is why the American Kennel Club, the American Veterinary Medical Association, the National Animal Control Association, the Humane Society of the United States, the ASPCA, the American Bar Association, and a host of other well respected national organizations oppose BSL. There is a tremendous amount of research which recognizes the inequities and inherent fallacies of such laws. Strict enforcement of animal control laws (such as leash laws) and addressing the issues of irresponsible ownership are much more effective in protecting communities from potentially dangerous animals. I and my boy shouldn’t have to feel discriminated against just because of his breed. This ban is outdated and something we should be moving forward from as one of the most fast growing and accepting cities in the country! Our dogs and the dogs that deserve good homes shouldn’t be denied that because of their breed when the Pitbulls have been proven that its the owner that makes them aggressive, and not the dog itself. Let’s give Pitbulls freedom! 

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