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Call in the decision to consider closure of Narberth Swimming Pool

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News that our precious swimming pool might be facing 'an option' of closure on 1 April 2014 has been met with disbelief across the locality here in Narberth, South Pembrokeshire.

The potential loss of this vital resource to the town, may mark a point at which people look to Pembrokeshire County Council and ask whether or not, in this circumstance, what is envisaged, is reasonable.

Suggestions that the cost of the swimming pool yearly and the fact that it is 40 years old means that it is at the end of its economic life, is only part of the story.

We believe that the consultation exercise should be 'called in'.

We ask that further scrutiny be given to the matter.

The view that there are 'existing facilities elsewhere' is inadequate.

The notion that there is 'capacity at alternative leisure facilities in Tenby' is undeniable, but of course without due recognition given to the fact that the town is ten miles away, it doesn't form the basis of any balanced view about the real costs of closure. 

The scale of both the economic and social impact that a decision to close the facility would bring to the town is huge. The scale of that impact needs to be considered in full.

Questions about the cost of running outdated swimming pools that require a great deal of maintenance have to be considered, but so too does the future of valuable community assets and what they represent to towns.

Without these assets the fabric of towns begins to degenerate to the point at which there can be no return.

The loss of Narberth Swimming Pool, in particular because of what it represents in relation to the family orientated nature of the town, its unique civic pride and the knock on effect that could happen with the profiling of all the key community events on the seasonal calendar, of which the swimming pool is an integral part, all now come into sharp relief.

We believe that a campaign amongst not just the residents of the town, but the generations of people, who since 1973, have utilised the facility right across the locality, must now be put in motion.

We believe, as has been shown elsewhere in the country, in relation to the threatened closure of municipal swimming pools, that a petition of this description can lend weight to a campaign that says enough is enough.

We believe that it is time that a sustainable future be found for this vital facility in the town.

With goodwill, determination, social enterprise and support, through the power of local communities to make a difference, we believe that we can help to draw attention to what is a critical issue.

The prospect of an 'inevitable view' that our beloved swimming pool will have to close, runs counter to common sense.

We ask Pembrokeshire County Council to engage with the people that they serve, to help find a solution.

We believe that it is time for Pembrokeshire County Council to listen to what the community is saying, and time for the Council to work with the town to find that solution.

We want to see this precious asset maintained and supported so that future generations can enjoy the same public privilege that has been employed and utilised by the current generation of local people.

It may require an Iron Woman and an Iron Man will, but together we believe we can do it.

We ask you to swim with us against the tide in your thousands and sign the petition.

It is time to see that Narberth Swimming Pool is saved.

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